I’m the luckiest copywriter you’ll ever meet.

When I was six, I found a water bottle in the gutter. Inside I found a dime and a note reading “call this number for good luck.” When I called the number I got a disconnected tone.

But as you’ll recall, I also got a dime.

When I was eleven, while walking my dog through a storm and worrying about money for my sister’s Christmas gift, I found $84 fluttering damply on a manhole grate.

I've found a Tiffany’s platinum ring and a painting worth $900 in dumpsters.

I’m lucky, yes, but I’m also persistent and inquisitive.

I look for things where others don’t, which is why I find the stuff they miss.

I work for 72andSunny in New York on clients like ESPN, Smirnoff, XFINITY, and Seventh Generation. Before that, I worked at Barton F. Graf. 


This is a photo of me and my wife looking regal as can be.

We’ve been married seven years and can’t wait until people stop assuming we only like each other because we’re newlyweds.



We also like:

Traveling (A few years ago we sold all our possessions and backpacked around Europe.)

Wine tasting (All you need are one or two French words and they let you try the fancy stuff.)

Netflix (Let’s not put on any airs here, this is how we spend most nights.)

Coffee shops with benches out front (Because who wants to sit inside?)

Big cities (I grew up in small towns, so maybe that's why.)

Anchovies (Just kidding, we both hate them.)


If you’ve made it this far, you may be one of the few people who would care to see some weird lamps I made last year.

Also, ask me about how I almost found my own wedding ring. It's the craziest story of them all.